The Hall


The original hall dated from 1956, when it was donated by Colin MacEachern and Catherine Ann Fletcher [or MacEachern] for the purposes of the advancement of educational, social, physical and mental activities, fostering a community spirit. The building has served the village well over the years, but recently it was realised that what had been based on a farm building construction was no longer safe to use, due to a leaking asbestos cement roof and flaking structural concrete frames. Sadly, the Charity Trustees and managing committee decided that the only option was to close the building down.

To improve the chances of finding a replacement the charity converted to an SCIO [Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation], and commissioned feasibility studies and consultations in order to present possible ways forward. Around this time the former Kilcalmonell Free Church became available, and thanks to a substantial grant from the Scottish Land fund it was acquired for conversion into a village hall.

Built in 1878 it is now a Listed Building, Category B, with an additional listing of Category C on the side gate. The building has architectural charm, both inside and outside, and although there is work to be done in maintenance, renovation, and the removal of an unsuccessful and incomplete conversion to a dwelling, its potential is greatly increased by its location in the heart of the village. There is much work going on behind the scenes right now, and for more up-to-date news please visit the Hall page on Facebook.



Scottish Charity Number : SC050324

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation [SCIO]

Secretary Dr. Malcolm Ward

Chair  Louise Stanesby

Treasurer Susan Ward, Battery House, Clachan, PA29 6XL